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Still Thinking About Using Images

The example I would like to present here comes from an entirely different field of research (Humanists from the Renaissance period). I however found the way they used the images in the presentation of a space very interesting. In opposition to what would be involved while dealing with Demetrios who focuses on outdoor spaces, the present example illustrates an indoor space. Indeed beyond the mere illustrative usage, this example seems also relevant to a study on Demetrios of Scepsis and his attempt to locate the Homeric topography because it raises the question of the similarities or – probably more numerous– differences between indoor spaces (e.g. rooms) and their descriptions and outdoor spaces (e.g. landscapes). The present example combines two important concepts involved in these issues. First it uses both the cartographic point of view (from above) and the hodologic one (from within the place) and with regard to descriptions of a space the analysis of the interaction of both of these points of view is often of great significance. Second, the example also illustrates a rather intuitive difference between outdoor spaces and indoor spaces, which should be verified as Antiquity is concerned. At first sight indoor spaces tend to be limited by clear boundaries whereas outdoor spaces seem to be experienced as more open and as going beyond the frame, let’s say, of a picture or rather beyond the piece of material it would be drawn on or which would be used to reproduce it.




Thinking of a way to illustrate the work of Demetrios of Skepsis, either by maps or photographs – or rather with maps and photographs –, the possibility offers should be explored. I present here quickly two examples which both could give some ideas for the project I have in mind about Demetrios of Skepsis.

First there is the thematic use of illustrated by the file from
. The illustrations are linked by the theme of the Trojan tale and are ordered in an album. For each image there is a comment also providing information about the provenance of the picture. Then also provides the possibility of creating groups for a same file, as for instance in The Monastery .

As the project of the edition of Demetrios of Skepsis is concerned, I still have to make my mind up about the criterion of arrangement of the albums and to consider the gathering of a group.