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Receiving through a mailing list ( an advertisement for a research seminar given at the Classics Departments of the University of Durham, I came across the name of two dear friends of mine. On January the 20th Janika Päll and Martin Steinrück gave each a paper. Janika’s topic was “Memory in Demosthenes’ Philippics” and Martin spoke about “Dialogic Memory”.
But there is more to be said about the two with regard to my blog. They are both in an editorial board of an online journal from the University of Tarttu. Here is the link to it:

As it is already online since 2000, it is rather a shame to mention it only now. Besides articles from my two friends there are many other interesting articles, and in particular I would like to mention the one from Han Baltussen:

Han Baltussen, “The Presocratics in the doxographical tradition. Sources, controversies, and current research”, Studia Humaniora Tartuensia 6.A.6.

They also have their own Book blog with information about new publications.


News from Strabo and his Editor

Again I am pleased to be able to add some news about a topic mentioned in a previous post (Found on!). Last week Prof. Radt was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at the University of Münster. He was honoured for his extremely fruitful work in the field of classical scholarship. Of course for our work on Demetrios of Scepsis it is his new edition of Strabo’s Geographika which is one of these most valuable tools he gave us.

You may find further images of the event on the galerie by Michiel Thomas.

Workshop in Boston

I just come back from a very interesting workshop organised at Tufts University. First the link to the programme:

DFG-Perseus Workshop on Historical Texts

It was organised by the well-known Perseus Project and the Chair of Corpus Linguistics and Morphology at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Even if there were many extremely interesting and inspiring presentations, I would like to mention here three, as they are particularly close to my work on Demetrios of Scepsis. The first, the Homer Multitext Project, has already been mentioned in this blog previously (Other Usage of Pictures). Next comes the work done on fragments by Monica Berti (Fragmentary Texts). Especially I would like to draw attention to her new project about the fragments within the text of Athenaeus (Representing Citations in the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus). Thirdly there was the presentation by Elton Barker, who is working on the text of Herodotus and the localisation of the place names mentioned by the Greek historian (HESTIA).