26th International Congress of Papyrology

Apart from the section on Digital Technologies and Tools of the Trade 1 which will be hold on Thursday, there are two other among the many very inspiring papers, I would like to mention here :

  • F. Montanari / D. Muratore / F. Reiter : Scholia Minora auf Wachstafeln der Berliner Papyrussamlung : ein deutsch-italienisches Editionsprojekt

The speakers presented the edition-project which is a collaboration of German and Italian scholars. The German scholars are focusing on the decipherments whereas the Italian experts, under the direction of Prof. F. Montanari, will deal with the philological interpretation of the preserved texts.

The second paper was about a digitalisation-project of the ostraca from the University of Leipzig.

  • N. Quenouille : la collection d’ostraca de la bibliothèque de l’Université de Leipzig.

The project can be found under  PapyrusPortal. This web-page will also be presented in the section on Digital Technologies and Tools of the Trade 1. The project aims at making available 3D presentation of the ostraca. They also will provide infrared images which make the decipherment much easier.

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