Feedback about the Asia Minor Atlas

Last week was held at the University of Besançon the first meeting on the Atlas Asia Minor-Project.
The conference was well attended and the range of subjects in the papers impressively large. Everyone who attended may agree that one of the biggest challenges for the project will be to coordinate the enormous variety of subjects, methods and scholarly traditions linked to Asia Minor. It will however be very interesting to follow the next steps of this project. For the time being, I would like to mention three digital projects which have been presented:

1) The Epigraphic database for ancient Asia Minor at the University of Hamburg. The database provides for each inscription the original text (Latin/Greek), some commentary and bibliography as well as a map showing where the inscription has been found.
2) The AIDA-Project from the Universities of Trier and Erfurt. The project aims at creating a dynamic Atlas through which it will be possible to visualise historical processes and changes over time. The Atlas will start from Europe and take into consideration the whole Mediterranaen Basin.
3) Finally there was a paper on the European ARCANE-Project. The project focus on the Eastern Mediterranean and the Near East regions and aims at synchronize the different outputs from several scholarly disciplines working on this areas.


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