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Venue at the CHS: The Future of the Classics

Today the CHS hosted the meeting: The Future of the Classics: A Discussion of the State of the Art. The speakers were:

Don Lavigne, Texas Tech, “Introduction: Classics as Cost Center?”
Liz Gephardt, Williamsburg Middle School, “Classics in American Schools”
Nikolaos Papazarkadas, Berkeley, “Classics in Greece”
Barbara Graziosi, Durham, “Classics in Italy and Britain”
Norman Sandridge, Howard, “Classics and ‘Academic Renewal'”
Johannes Haubold, Durham, “Classics and Comparative Studies”
Allen Romano, Florida State, “Classics and Digital Humanaties”

You may find more information about it on the CHS fellowship research blog.

The meeting was broadcast on the web and a chat interface was made available:

So I could attend the meeting and follow the presentations as well as the discussion afterwards. Of particular interest I found the fact that the speakers and participants not only thought about the future of Classics and the way it will be presented by its members, but also about the way the students of Classics perceive their own studies.