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Academia Ragusina Secunda

The Academia Ragusina Secunda organised by Jadranka Bagaric was held in Dubrovnik from April 26th to April 30th.

This Summer School was part of Euroclassica and was dedicated to the theme  “Humanism on the Threshold of the Renaissance” (Programme)

During this interesting meeting, a few Croatian digital projects  were presented or at least alluded to.  I would like to mention three of them here:

First there is CroALa: the abbreviation stands for Croatiae auctores Latini  and the project aims at providing a digital edition of the Croatian authors who wrote in Latin. The peculiarity of the project is the fact that the project itself is in Latin. Further it is done with the TEI-standards and allows word-searching in all the available texts.

Secondly I would like to mention the Bibliotheca Corviniana Digitalis project. The aim of the project is the reconstitution of the library of Matthias Corvinus, who was Hungarian King from 1458 to 1490.

Finally there was the paper given by Bruno Curko (Original works of Renaissance philosophers in the digital world). He showed in his talk an amazing number of original works from Renaissance philosophers, which were now available in digital form on the web. The demonstration was particularly convincing as he took as examples lesser-known Croatian authors.