27th International Congress of Papyrology

In a little more than 2 weeks the International Congress of Papyrolgy starts in Warsaw. The programme is now out. Please have a look!


Two sections focus on Christian literature preserved on papyri and there is a further on the Acta Alexandrinorum. These are all topics which will be very interesting for one of my other research-projects which is aiming at deciphering and publishing a palimpsest from the Genizah Collection in Geneva. For this, see the contribution I made with my colleague Uri Yiftach-Firanko during the previous congress in Geneva

A Trachsel /U. Yiftach-Firanko, Genizah Ms. 17: Une séquence narrative de coloration juive ou chrétienne provenant du contexte des récits martyrologiques, in P. Schubert (ed.), Actes du 26e Congrès international de papyrologie, Genève, 16-21 août 2010, Genève 2012


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