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Should I change the title of my blog?

Just before Christmas, on December the 17th, I passed the viva of my Habilitation-thesis on Demetrios of Scepsis. So it seems that the research for which I started the blog comes to an end. The book is written!!

It is entitled “Demetrios of Scepsis and his Τρωϊκὸς διάκοσμος. A New Evaluation of the Remaining Fragments” and it has been approved by the University of Hamburg. I can now start to think about publishing these first results. GREAT, isn’t it!?

But actually I don’t feel like have got rid of Demetrios during this process. There is still plenty to say and to do about this scholar and his book. So I guess it is not the right moment to think about ending the blog: maybe just a little change in the title while exploring what may come next so that we can enjoy “travelling beyond Demetrios of Scepsis”…