Globalized Classics

The August Boeck Antike Zentrum is organising this summer a Summer University entitled Globalized Classics at the Humboldt-University in Berlin.


The initiative illustrates the current trend in Classics to brings together participants from all around the world in order to discuss Antiquity and the diversity of modern approaches to the study of this topic. The project is divided into three parts: a seminar (August 10-21), a summer school (August 24-Sept. 2) and a final conference (Sept. 4-5).

The topic of the seminar:

  • Methodological questions for Globalized Classics

The topics of the summer school:

  • Wisdom literature in East and West
  • Interrogating the Antique Visual Tradition and Its Legacy
  • Medicine and concepts of the body in ancient Greece
  • Pre-modern society in global comparison
  • Reading the Rigveda from the Inside Out

And for the programme of the Conference, please see here


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