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A few days ago the announcement of the availability of the database Pinakes has been sent out. It is a tool from the Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes (CNRS UPR 841, Paris) and contains information about manuscripts from all over the world dated from before 1600.
I was playing around with the tool and found out that, according to this database, 235 manuscripts where in Hamburg, the place were I am working right now. Among these texts, figures one from Hesiod’s Works and Days. With another mouse click, I found out that I could consult another 305 manuscripts containing the same text or parts of it.
I guess that the tool is worth other much deeper researches and I won’t go on fooling around with it ! I hope however I may use it more properly in the future.

It is also worth mentioning that, as the project from the CHS mentioned in the previous post, this French tool allows collaboration from outside in the future.


News from the CHS

The Center for Hellenic Studies has just announced an ambitious project:

First Thousand Years of Greek

Making first an inventory of all Greek texts transmitted by manuscripts, which is already a Herculean task, but still more they also plan to create a full corpus of these texts and to make them available, at least in one version attested by manuscripts.
It is not worth saying how interesting such a project may be, but it is also remarkable that their corpus will be open for collaboration first, for usage second.