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ESF-Humanities Spring 2011 workshop

From the 9th to the 12th June was held the Humanities Spring workshop on “Changing Publication Cultures in the Humanities”. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the changes and implications of the new means provided by digital publications. Besides the senior researchers who were organising the workshop, 22 early career researchers were invited to share their experience and to work out a first draft of a manifesto about the issues and challenges of the new publication methods.

It was a very enriching and rewarding experience to have been awarded to take part in this workshop. I appreciated in particular the international environment which was created, the experience of the collaborative writing of the draft with my fellow-grantees and the expertise of the senior researchers.

To summarize the outcome of the workshop I would like to mention a few points :

  • It is amazing how many different new approaches the digital elaboration of a project can provide for a researcher.
  • Even if the English language tends to be the most efficient mean to disseminate the outcome of a project, the digital environment is not limited to it.
  • It is in the diversity that  the domain of the Humanities has its strength.