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Digital Classicist Berlin

Last Tuesday the new Digital Classicist in Berlin started with an introductory presentation given by Dr Gabriel Bodard, one of the two co-organizisers of the Digital Classicist in London, a series of seminars which has been running since 2006.

As one of Gabriel Bodard’s main field of interest is Greek epigraphy (e.g. Current epigraphy), his talk was about the progresses and challenges Digital Humanities brings to epigraphy: “A View on Digital Classics Collaboration: from a cacophony of epigraphic databases to a citizens’ web of inscriptions”.

Among the many interesting topics, I would however like to mention one which is of particular significance for my own research projet on Demetrios of Scepsis. It is the presentation of Prof. Jenny Strauss Clay about the mapping of the Catalogue of the Ships. She has already show in a recent study ( Homer’s Trojan Theater) how combining the new tools of Digital Humanities and conventional scholarship enables scholars to provide amazing new approaches, especially for Homeric scholarship. She has created for instance a visual representation of the so-called battlefield books in the Iliad. One of the many interesting aspects of her results was, to my opinion, the fact that the representation could work without being linked to any kind of map or real landscape. I am looking therefore forward to hear more about her project.

Finally I would like to mention a second series of seminars inspired by the Digital Classicist in London. The Univeristy of Leipzig is organizing in parallel the 2012 Leipzig eHumanities Seminar . Their programme has serveral highlights too and completes the one of the Berlin seminar in a most interesting way.


Chating at Classicsconfidential

A few days ago I had the opportunity to chat with Jessica Hughes one of the co-authors of Classicsconfidential. She and Elton Barker started a few years ago a series of interview about academics whose main field is Classics. By now they have gathered an impressing list of people who they were able to interview. Their blog is really worth having a look and it shades a refreshing light on the field of Classics.