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Homer’s Trojan Theater

In her new book on the Iliad, Prof. Strauss Clay’s emphasizes the visual aspect of the narration and shows in an extremely convincing way that the spatial representation of the events happening during the battles described in book 12 to 17 is not only coherent but also an important part of the narrator’s performance-strategies.
In order to present the results of her close-reading she uses digital tools and presents her visual analysis on a website (Homer’s Trojan Theater). This is a interesting and promising way of combining a more traditional approach with the new possibilities a digital handling may provide.

I encountered a similar approach, combining more traditional methods with newer digital ones, while attending the conference in Lausanne this summer (see below: Lausanne: From Ancient Manuscripts to the Digital Era). Prof. Bourqui presented a new project on the French playwright Molière. For the new edition of the complete works of Molière, the prestigious Pléiade-edition decided to combine the traditional book-form with a website where additional information could be found (Molière21).