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Two New Blogs

I just came across two new blogs in the field of Classics.

First as a former fellow of the CHS, I have been informed that the current fellows there started a blog: Fellow’s Research Blog. I will be very interested to follow the news there.

The second blog has  just started on October the 22nd and is about papyrology: Digital Papyrology.
Some of the contributors of this new blog made the presentation of the new platform SoSOL at the International Congress of Papyrology in Geneva, where they informed the community of the advances they have made. Now they started this new blog with the intention to create a platform for discussion in this field.



Just back from the conference entitled: Locus in Fabula and held in Bucharest at the beginning of last week, I would like to mention the project which was the trigger for this conference.

The team of Prof. Florica Bechet, who was the organizer of the conference, is working on what they call an interdisciplinary atlas. It is in fact a database where the researchers are collecting the place names from Antiquity associated to or mentioned within mythological accounts. The project takes into account the whole Mediterranean Basin including even the Pontus region. The starting point will be an interactive map where the places are located when ever possible and users will be able to get information about the mythological stories and legends linked to those places. There will also be other search-functions allowing to find out how often those names are quoted and by whom. It seems therefore a very promising project!

As for other research projects in the field of Classics at the University of Bucharest and for more information about the researchers working on the project, see