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Digital Humanities 2012 Conference

After having attended today the second day of the DH 2012 Conference in Hamburg, I just want to mention two among the many interesting projects which were presented at the session on projects based at German-speaking Universities.

First Annette Geßner presented a project called eTraces, which has grown out of a previous project I have already mentioned here. She participated in the eAqua project and was focusing on quotation from Plato: Die Rezeption des Platon-Texts in der Antik . In her new project she goes a step further and expands her research also to intertextuality, going therefore beyond the concept of quotations.

In the same session, Helga Müllneritsch presented her studies on cookery books from the 18th century written by or for women (Ein Kochbuch aus dem Jahre 1818: Die Edition der Handschrift 1963 der Universitätsbibliothek Graz). She is working on a digital edition of those works and hopes, by doing this, to get some interest from a larger community for those books, which are more than just collections of recipes. Beyond the editorial issues, there are linguistic issues about the everyday language of those times, social issues about writing skills of the writers and users, historical issues about the available ingredients or the evolution of the cooking habits. All these aspects make the project very interesting.